What is Find Your Seller?

Find Your Seller is an online resource database for connecting brands with third party sellers. Any brand can create a quick free profile and search the available sellers by category and location. Third party sellers can create a free profile to highlight their Amazon selling business. Brands and companies who don’t have experience selling on Amazon can connect with sellers who do. Brands can choose the third-party seller that meets their needs in the best way. Third-party sellers can connect with brands to build a long-standing business on Amazon.

What fees does Find Your Seller charge?

None. Find Your Seller is a free resource for brands and sellers. It’s designed to be a connection hub and does not include any fees.

How do I sign up?

Brands: Create an account with a valid email and password. Verify your email address and you're all set. Sellers: Register by completing the seller profile form. You will be asked for your company name, your location, the category you sell in, and how long you've been selling on Amazon. You can create a short and long description to tell more about your business and highlight your skills to brands. Complete profiles will be displayed on the site.

What happens when I find a seller that I would like to connect with?

Contact them via phone or email. Start a conversation.

Is my account/profile permanent?

No. Login and go to My Account to have your profile or account deleted. If you ever have a change to your profile, you can also use that same form to request a change.

How can I edit my profile after it’s created?

Contact us by going to My Account and completing the Request Profile Change form or to have your email address updated.

I am a Brand. How will Find Your Seller benefit me?

Partnering with an experienced seller has a multitude of benefits. Most third-party sellers operate small and medium businesses. They are enmeshed in the world of Amazon and know the policies and practices. They have figured out a way to make money on Amazon and that is powerful. As you may be aware, there are many fees involved in working with Amazon. Third party sellers know how to make a success out of a competitive, high-volume market, and that expertise is priceless.

I am a Third-Party Seller. How will Find Your Seller benefit me?

Competition on Amazon is getting tougher by the day. While there are many programs that will teach you how to become another seller on a high-performing listing, fighting for the Buy Box day-in and day-out is simply not the answer to a sustainable business. The best way to be successful on Amazon is to build a relationship with reputable, popular brands. Find Your Seller provides the platform for you to connect with brands looking for sellers. Connecting with just one in-demand brand and selling one or two SKUs can build the foundation for long term business success.

Is Find Your Seller going to provide me with a successful business?

Find Your Seller does not create a business, but we provide the tools and connection hub to find partners.

If I find a seller that I would like to work with, will they charge me fees?

Each third-party seller is an independent business owner. While we can recommend best practices, we have no control over how individual businesses operate. We recommend due diligence in selecting who you work with.

Do you offer chat or messaging services between brands and sellers?

No. All communications are done directly between the companies themselves. It is important to start a connection via phone or email and continue it in person whenever possible. Connecting with businesses in your local area is a great way to start. Find Your Seller profiles will display the company contact person and their phone and email address.

Do we pay sellers through your site?

No. We do not process any payments on our site. All transactions between brands and third-party sellers are coordinated between the companies themselves.

What categories are available?

All categories that Amazon offers are available on Find Your Seller. If Amazon has added a new category that is not on our list, please contact us at support@findyourseller.com.

Can I be listed in multiple categories?

Yes you can. When you create your profile, select all the categories that you are approved to sell in.

How can I find sellers in my area?

You can search for sellers by state.

What if I can’t find a seller in my category?

Try searching in related categories. Many times, sellers experienced in one category can obtain approval in a related one. Browse through all the sellers available and see who catches your eye. Reach out to them and see if they would be open to selling in your category. Things change quickly in eCommerce. A successful seller will be happy to hear from you. In addition, sellers are adding profiles daily. Feel free to check back soon.

What if I can’t find a seller in my area?

eCommerce bridges local boundaries in many ways. It is not necessary to be located in the same town or state as a seller that you’d like to work with. While close proximity can be convenient for managing prep and pack details, it is certainly feasible to work with someone across the country. The most important thing in finding a seller to work with is being in sympatico. There are so many sellers available to work with that you can afford to be picky with who you choose. You want to select someone that you feel you can work well with. This is an important relationship that can be tremendously beneficial on both sides.